We are SI( System Integrator).

We collaborated with Best Product Development Companies and Best Service Providers in India and Abroad like Oracle Partner, SAP Partners, Infor LN/ M3 Partners, Sales Force Partners, PTC Partners, Microsoft ERP Partners, Product Development/ Mobile App development companies etc.

We are providing best solution with the help of Product Development Company (OEM) and also providing custom product as per customer requirements.

Partner with below Products.
ERP Solution for all industries, HR Payroll, CRM, e-commerce platform, Project Management System, BI, AI, IoT, Chatbot, DMS( Document Management System), DMS( Distributor Management System) , SFA, SAP S4 HANA, Oracle EBS, Sale Force, Infor LN, Restaurant Delivery Platform, Learning Management System (LMS) etc

Partner with below IT Services.
Cyber Security, Database Support DBA, Oracle EBS Support, SAP Support, Infor LN Support, Sales force CRM support, Data Science, Machining Learning etc.

Providing Corporate Training
CAD/ CAM, SAP S4 HANA, Oracle EBS, Sales Force, Infor LN, Data Science, Machine Learning etc.